SIUI portable x-ray digital radiography DR sr-300pro veterinary imaging system

SIUI SR-300Pro DR Digital Radiography Portable Handheld X-Ray System


The SR-300Pro handheld DR system by SIUI is here to revolutionize your X-ray screening experience. With its ultra-light generator, wireless panel detector, and intuitive workstation, this tool will optimize clinical outcomes for every animal under your care. Say goodbye to cumbersome equipment and hello to effortless X-ray screening.


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Introducing the SR-300Pro, the Ultimate Handheld Veterinary Digital Radiography System for Effortless and Dependable X-Ray Screening

Veterinary professionals, say hello to the SR-300Pro from SIUI, the ultimate handheld DR system designed to effortlessly simplify your practice. Featuring an ultra-light generator, wireless panel detector, and intuitive workstation, the SR-300Pro is the ultimate tool to maximize clinical value for every animal in your care. The SR-300Pro can be utilized in various veterinary settings as a reliable companion:

  • Pet Clinics
  • Stables
  • Farms
  • Animal Laboratories
  • Wildlife Research and Conservation


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Versatile and Comprehensive Imaging Solution:

The SR-300Pro DR system offers exceptional image quality, making it suitable for a wide range of examinations, including dental and limb studies of small animals, exotic pets, and equine patients. Its compact size and lightweight design enable easy positioning for challenging angles, ensuring patient comfort.


User-Friendly and Patient-Centered Design:

The SR-300Pro DR system simplifies installations, allowing you to transform any surface into an X-ray station. Its user-friendly touchscreen interface and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity enhance efficiency and enable efficient patient care.


Wireless Convenience and Flexibility:

With its compact and lightweight design, the SR-300Pro DR system provides freedom from space constraints. The wireless system facilitates effortless capture of X-ray images from any angle, empowering you to cater to more patients effectively.


Safety and Reliability You Can Trust:

The SR-300Pro DR system strikes the optimal balance between high-resolution imaging and minimal patient dosage. It prioritizes the safety of animal patients while ensuring accurate diagnoses. The high-performance capacitor ensures stable and uninterrupted operation, supporting over 100 exposures without interruption.


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SIUI SR-300Pro DR X-Ray Generator Specifications:

  • Max Power Output in kW: 560 W
  • Power Supply: Built-in Battery
  • Tube Voltage in kV: 40~90 kV
  • Tube Current in mA: 2-5 mA or 71-90kV / 2-8 mA or 40-70kV
  • Current Time Product in mAs: 0.02~8 mAs


SIUI SR-300Pro DR X-Ray Detector Specifications:

  • Receptor Type: Amorphous Silicon
  • Size: 10 inches × 12 inches
  • Pixel Pitch: 139 μm



Elevate Veterinary Care with the Portable X-Ray Unit, SIUI SR-300Pro

Say hello to your trusted companion for efficient, precise, and patient-friendly digital radiography. Join the ranks of veterinary professionals who trust SIUI for top-notch imaging solutions, and take your practice to new heights.


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