Mindray Vetus 50 Veterinary Ultrasound System for Animal Medical Imaging 2024

MINDRAY VETUS 50 Veterinary Ultrasound


Unlock the power of reliable imaging with the Vetus 50 Veterinary Diagnostic Ultrasound System from Mindray Animal Medical. Designed to meet the unique needs of veterinary specialists, the Vetus 50 delivers exceptional performance and continuous growth opportunities.


More About Mindray Vetus 50 Ultrasound

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Cutting-Edge Technology for Accurate Diagnostics

Equipped with Mindray Animal Medical’s state-of-the-art ZST+ platform and ComboWave transducer featuring 3T technology, the Vetus 50 ensures precise scanning across different animal species. Say goodbye to guesswork with built-in learning tools that enhance efficiency and convenience for veterinary specialists.


0 Mindray Vetus 50 Veterinary Ultrasound System for Animal Medical Imaging

The new Mindray VETUS 50 advanced diagnsotic ultrasound system for veterinarians (shown above).


Key Features of VETUS 50 for Enhanced Imaging

  • ZST+ Platform: Revolutionize ultrasound imaging with our innovative ZST+ platform, delivering exceptional image quality and infinite imaging solutions.

  • ComboWave Transducer with 3T Technology: Experience outstanding performance with extreme image resolution and uniformity, thanks to our advanced ComboWave transducer technology.

  • Natural Touch Elastography: Accurately assess soft tissue elastic properties and stiffness with our patented Natural Touch Elastography technology.


Mindray Vetus 50 Ultrasound Canine Dog Kidney Vessel

Examination scan example canine / dog kidney vessels using a Mindray VETUS 50 ultrasound system (shown above).


More VETUS 50 Key Features

  • Tissue Doppler Imaging: Evaluate cardiac myocardial motion effortlessly with four TDI imaging modes, providing multiple assessment options.

  • HD Scope: Improve detail information and image contrast on specific areas with our HD Scope technology.


5 Mindray Vetus 50 Ultrasound Canine Dog Examination Exam Sonographer Veterinarian Vet Veterinary 2

A veterinarian is performing an examination on a canine / dog using a Mindray VETUS 50 ultrasound system (shown above).


Intelligent Features for Streamlined Workflow

  • Smart Calc: Easily acquire accurate measurements with the touch of a key, enhancing diagnostic precision.

  • iScanHelper: Access a comprehensive tutorial library with ultrasound images, teaching videos, and anatomical diagrams for convenient learning and reference.

  • iWorks: Standardized protocols guide proficient and consistent scans for each clinical application, ensuring optimal results every time.

  • iMeasure: Receive immediate feedback on potential clinical conditions with on-screen alerts for values outside the predefined range.

  • iLight: Navigate ultrasound scanning rooms with ease using our adjustable brightness feature, ensuring safety and convenience during procedures.


7 Mindray Vetus 50 Ultrasound Training Tutorials iScanHelper

iScanHelper built-in training tutorials provide all the information you need to operate the Mindray VETUS 50 with ease (shown above).


Flexible and Convenient Design

With its easy-to-move design, the Vetus 50 offers unmatched flexibility, whether you prefer to stand, sit, or scan cage side. Seamlessly access the system for effortless scanning wherever you need it most.


6 Mindray Vetus 50 Ultrasound System Overview

Mindray VETUS 50 is designed to be sterilized and transported between exams with ease (shown above).


Mindray Vetus 50 Veterinary Ultrasound Transducers


mindray vetus 50 transducer c5 1 curved

Mindray C5-1 Curved Transducer

Bandwidth: 1.2 - 6.0 MHz

FOV (max): 74°

Convex Radius: 60mm 

Abdomen (Canine, Bovine, Ovine)

Reproduction (Canine)

Biopsy kit NGB-022, Multi-angle, Reusable


mindray vetus 50 transducer c11 3 curved

Mindray C11-3 Curved Transducer

Bandwidth: 2.6 - 12.8 MHz

FOV (max): 114°

Convex Radius: 15mm

Abdomen (Canine, Feline)

Cardiology (Canine, Feline)

Reproduction (Canine, Feline)

Biopsy kit NGB-018, Multi-angle, Reusable


mindray vetus 50 transducer L13 3 linear

Mindray L13-3 Linear Transducer

Bandwidth: 3.0 - 13.0 MHz

FOV (max) Non-extended: 3.8cm

FOV (max) Extended: 40°

Abdomen (Canine, Feline)

Biopsy kit NGB-007, Multi-angle, Reusable


mindray vetus 50 transducer p8 2 phased

Mindray P8-2 Phased Transducer

Bandwidth: 2.3 - 8.0 MHz

FOV (max): 90°

Cardiology (Canine, Feline)

Abdomen (Canine, Feline)

Biopsy kit not Available


mindray vetus 50 transducer p10 4 phased

Mindray P10-4 Phased Transducer

Bandwidth: 3.0 - 11.4MHz

FOV (max): 90°

Cardiology (Canine, Feline)

Abdomen (Canine, Feline)

Biopsy kit not Available


mindray vetus 50 transducer p4 2 phased

Mindray P4-2 Phased Transducer

Bandwidth: 1.5 - 4.5 MHz

FOV (max): 90°

Cardiology (Canine, Equine, Bovine, Ovine)

Biopsy kit NGB-011, Multi-angle, Reusable


Video: Mindray Vetus 50 Veterinary Ultrasound Overview



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